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The idea behind SAMMA is simple: high quality, perfectly cut pieces that can be worn forever.


Born in Burundi, central Africa, and crafted using the expertise of designer and brand founder, Samma Nassim, we offer luxury-quality sustainable fashion at a fair and accessible price.

Born in Burundi

The story of SAMMA begins with leftover fabrics and an eye for design…

Samma Nassim was working for a textile manufacturer when she noticed the beautiful pile of rejected fabric prints was going to waste. That inspired and motivated her to transform her love of fashion into a real venture. So, she brought the fabrics home and she let the fabric’s structure and print show her what kind of garment it needed to be, and SAMMA was born. 

An African Journey

Nassim set out to create a new type of African brand, one that maintained the quality of traditional handmade artistry but that would be fully online with a global reach. The absence of intermediaries in materials sourcing allows SAMMA to invest in quality design whilst maintaining accessible prices.

Slow Fashion

Two times per year we release a seasonal collection.

Small, curated capsules released every three months.

We frequently release news about restocks, new drops, or our latest inspirations.

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Made to last: Our Savoir-faire

At SAMMA we prioritise the savoir-faire of our pieces, knowing who makes our clothes and how. All our pieces are handmade locally in Burundi, based on our care of the origin of raw materials, the expertise of our seamstresses and their working conditions. We are continually evolving to include more eco-friendly, innovative methods and materials into the creation of our beautiful pieces.

Determinedly unique, resolutely human & tres CHIQUE

Nearly all SAMMA garments are crafted using sustainable materials and processes,
including organic and recycled materials, low-impact dyes, and water-conserving washes.